Promotional Stills and Synopsis for Riverdale 3x09, "No Exit"

A TOWN WITH NO PEP – With Riverdale in disarray following Hiram’s takeover where he took a page from the Mr. Burns book of villainy by having the town quarantined so as to keep the outside world from interfering in his affairs, Veronica heads the rebellion against him after he takes aim at her dry speakeasy.

Meanwhile, as Betty reluctantly houses the group of patients who escaped the Sisters of Quiet Mercy (after making herself their Gryphon Queen), Jughead confronts a group of desperate Serpents, who have resorted to drastic measures to make ends meet (note that they were already living in a tent city by the river for the past few months).

Finally, Archie is forced to face his demons.

All series regulars will appear!

Directed by Jeff Hunt and written by Arabella Anderson. Coming back 1/16/2019.


Also, this new interstitial promo aired but the only footage is in handheld portrait. It's brief but shows intriguing things

Veggie might rise