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Christie Tate, mommy blogger, refuses to stop blogging about daughter, even though she asked her to.

Christie Tate (Outlaw Mama) is a mommy blogger who describes herself as "if David Sedaris was a straight, married, mother-of-two with a near-lethal obsession with Costco and a deeply ambivalent relationship to his law degree." She just wrote a parenting article for the Washington Post entitled "My daughter asked me to stop writing about motherhood. Here’s why I can’t do that."

As Tate tells it, her daughter (who's in the fourth grade) got a laptop for Christmas this year. On Boxing Day, her daughter found her blog, which include stories about the family (some specifically about her) and photos. The daughter asked her to take them down; Tate said no, and that "promising not to write about her anymore would mean shutting down a vital part of myself, which isn’t necessarily good for me or her." Also, Tate claims that "amputating parts of my experience feels as abusive to our relationship as writing about her without any consideration for her feelings and privacy."

Her daughter has asked that Tate at least stop using her real name, and use her chosen pseudonym. Tate says she is "taking that under advisement," but that going forward, her daughter can veto any picture Tate wants to use of her.

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