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A ghost choked me in Switzerland.

Bethenny Frankel called out by pilot for her life-threatening allergy, calls for policy change

Bethenny Frankel has a severe fish allergy. After surviving a near-fatal allergic reaction on December 18, this week she was on board a flight that served bass — despite her calling ahead to inform them of her allergy. It seems that the staff insisted they must serve the meal, and the pilot announced to the cabin that if they could not due to her allergy, the plane would have to turn around. The cabin voted not to serve the meal and continue with the flight.

Bethenny tweeted about the incident and asked airlines to stop serving airborne allergens, as well as retweeting stories of people who have died as a result of them (such as fish being cooked in the same house).

In response to suggestions she fly private, Bethenny said she is "fortunate enough to do that sometimes," but that it's "a massive waste and not environmentally friendly."

[Tweets from Bethenny]

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More on her twitter feed, @Bethenny.
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