buzzybhn (buzzybhn) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Ellen DeGeneres continues being the go to place for losers who want good press

- Homophobe and admitted abuser, Kevin Hart will be on Ellen tomorrow.
- Ellen posted parts of the interview on her Twitter. It's a mess.
- Kevin clearly hired a new PR team, cause this is someone who has a script, though it's not a good one.
- Kevin pretends he has apologized a million times (he didn't). He said he was slandered (he wasn't, he was given an opportunity to apologize, he didn't). Claims society wants a perfect person and you won't find one and so people need to stop looking for one.
- Kevin says he was targeted and people want to destroy him.
- Kevin Hart continues to not apologize.
- Ellen begs him to take the job back!?!?! She called the Academy and said he isn't homophobic because they're friends, and they want him back now!??!
- Neither fully address the LGBT community. Ellen says he shouldn't let "those people" win. And that people are "haters" and "trolls"
- I really need some journalist to dig into why Ellen is the go to place for douches.
- ImDisgusted.gif

Tags: comedy / comedian, ellen degeneres, kevin hart

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