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MUA Trolls Internet for 5 Months Into Believing He Had Dramatic Cosmetic Surgery

- Drag queen (under Alexis Stone) + makeup artist Elliot Joseph Rentz has been going on social media pretending to get extreme plastic surgery using silicone prosthetics and makeup for the past few months

- Started the project after he got actual botox for himself and got backlash for looking botched. Fueling the negative comments, he decided to take it further with the transformation/ARTPOP.

- Was inspired by and talked about the project with infamous 'catwoman' Jocelyn Wildenstein

- He had negative comments from the internet (lost 60k followers, then gained 30k after the reveal) and irl ex-boyfriends telling him they were ashamed to have dated him (during the transformation)

- Learned from the reaction/perception, influencing how he sees self worth and beauty in his own views vs. society's

In b4 comments how he actually still is kinda messedT

ONTD how would you creatively troll the internet to make a statement?

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Tags: beauty / makeup, plastic / cosmetic surgery

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