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"The Bachelor" Roundup: Five Days Until Colton's Season


Colton's season of The Bachelor debuts on ABC on January 7th. Will you be watching this boring virgin find love? It might not be so boring after all, because there is already a lot of drama.

-One contestant, Tracy, has preemptively apologized for tweets that were racist, fat-shaming, and used the r-word. One tweet even insulted "The Bachelor."

-ABC had Chris Harrison do a PR/damage control interview. He says that the casting process is "evolving." Apparently ABC "discovered a loophole" in the background check process (sure, Jan) after Lincoln was cast on Becca's season despite a pending sexual assault case.

Then, there was this mysterious question in the interview:

"Do you think that Colton found what he was looking for?

What I I will say is that he did a good job. He’s happy with how he did as the Bachelor, I can tell you that for sure. I don’t think he has any regrets." HmmmmmT

Chris also says, "[Virginity] doesn’t define Colton. It’s not, 'Hey, Colton virgin.'" (Again, sure Jan.)

-But don't worry: Colton is fine with "exploiting his virginity."

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