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Cardi B 'sickened' after feeling racially attacked at Australian airport

- After a 10-hour flight to Australia, Cardi covered her face upon landing & didn't speak - which angered the mobbing paparazzi.
- Paps were warned to follow the rules & not mob.
- In a later Insta-live, Cardi said she felt "sickened" with the undertones when a "white male" paparazzo shouted in response, "You're in Australia now! You're playing by our rules. Let's be clear on that!."
- They continued taunting: "Why the blanket, Cardi? Having an identify crisis or something? Give us a picture!"
- She said of the incident: "It don't sit well with me when a white man tells me that shit."

- A white woman with a camera also asked to take a photo with Cardi, but was rebuffed by her entourage.
- That woman then insulted Cardi: "No wonder your husband left you!"
- Cardi's publicist Patience went off on the woman.
- Cardi later said she was uncomfortable when the woman started to "act like the victim" with exaggerated mannerisms.
- "We be looking like fucking animals because people provoke you and say vile shit... Is that how you see colored people?"

- "I just want to go home."
- She wanted her mom to fly to Australia for New Year's but was glad she didn't.

- Australian headlines accused her of having a "diva tantrum", "covering her head" & "snapping at photographers".

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