Allison Mack Lawyers: If Scientology Can Blackmail People, So Can She

Lawyers for Smallville actress Allison Mack, who is charged with sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy for her role in running the alleged sex cult NXIVM, are using Scientology to argue in court that the forced labor charges against her should be dropped.

Their argument is that Mack's threats to publicly release nude photos of women and cut them off from their friends if they tried to leave NXIVM do not rise to the level of serious harm based on a 2009 court ruling against a couple who tried to sue Scientology for forced labor. That ruling said that “the threat of reputational damage and isolation from loved ones...did not qualify as serious harm.”

Mack's lawyers also argued that true victims of sex trafficking and forced labor are those who experience “squalid living conditions, extreme isolation, threats of physical harm, lack of immigration status, lack of education, and unfamiliarity with English" while NXIVM's members were “educated, English-speaking adults, who were not forced or compelled to join the organization, nor kept physically isolated."