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ONTD ORIGINAL: 5 People From Black Mirror (+ Their Careers Afterward)

Full disclaimer; I have never seen an episode of Black Mirror outside of USS Callister. But I have seen way, way too many movies by people who were in Black Mirror. So let's look at some careers, starting with surprise star Daniel Kaluuya;

src: IMDB

Black Mirror episode; “Fifteen Million Merits”
Notable Filmography; Skins, Sicario, Kick-Ass 2, Get Out, Black Panther

Despite playin A Guy With a Gun and A Name Who Knew Emily Blunt in Sicario, Daniel really became an (American) household name in 2017’s “Get Out”, where he played the ill at ease photographer Chris Washington and was nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars for the role. Go, Daniel!

Now I have not seen Widows, but it surprised me that I had to hit ‘see full cast” for him to appear on the IMDB page as villain Jatemme Manning. He's picking careful projects, and I'm excited to see what comes next.

COMING SOON: The future looks bright.

  • Queen and Slim

  • an animated movie called A Christmas Carol

  • Black Panther 2: W’Kabi is in Jail For Treason Against The Throne. (is my guess).

But he was not the only Black Mirror alumni to be in the biggest movie of 2018; So was Letitia Wright.

Black Mirror episode: “Black Museum”
Notable Filmography: Black Panther, Avengers Infinity War

Despite a relatively small filmography, Letitia has won hearts and minds as Princess Shuri, the science-tech genius of Wakanda who has grown weary of the superpowered white men who keep falling within her country's borders. She was recently cast as the female lead in the sci-fi romance adaptation of “Hold Back The Stars” with costar/Other British-although-not-appearing-on-this-list Legend John Boyega.

She is on the up and up, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

COMING SOON: The future looks interesting.
Avengers Endgame (So, she survived the Snap!)
Guava Island, a film by Hiro Murai, produced and directed by Donglover Donald Glover.

But that's not the only Disney movie by a black director and loads of CG that came out in 2018, Gugu Mbatha-Raw was in another one just a few short weeks later;

Black Mirror episode: “San Junipero”, quite possibly the most popular (and positive) episode of them all.
Notable Filmography: Jupiter Ascending, The Cloverfield Paradox, Belle, A Wrinkle in Time, Beauty and The Beast (2017), Beyond the Lights.

Oh, Gugu.

Belle was pretty good, and I like Jupiter Ascending, I didn’t give Beauty and The Beast an honest shot bc I don’t care, but the less said about Cloverfied Paradox the better. She was not the worst part by far - arguably the best - but the whole movie stank to high heaven.

Her minute role in A Wrinkle In Time was a blessing in diguise that she did not have to traipse around weird nonsensical CGI land.

Here’s hoping Gugu can land the role she really deserves.

Coming Soon: The Future Looks Oscar-Baity
Summerland (Sadly, not based upon the Michael Chabon novel)
Motherless Brooklyn
Fast Color

But that was not the only movie to be released on March 9th, 2018 that failed to capture anyone's good will.  It's not a year in filmgoing if we don't have Toby Kebbell being in an absolutely off the wall bonkers movie, now is it?

That's the nice way of saying bad.

Black Mirror episode: “The Entire History of You” (The only episode to my knowledge that has film rights bought.)
Notable Filmography: Dawn/War of The Planet of the Apes, Rocknrolla, The East, Kong Skull Island, A Monster Calls, Gold, The Hurricane Heist, Destroyer (Allegedly), Fantastic 4 (2015), The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Warcraft.

When you’re talented but your filmography is very help_me_ja_rule.gif.

Often the best part of the worst movies, I tried to keep it to the good movies only. I’ve seen everything I listed above sans Gold (Just didn’t care) and Destroyer (#ThanksAnnapurna).

With nothing on the docket for 2019, let’s hope that Sony’s Bloodshot will not be one more nail in his coffin.

Coming Soon: The Future Looks Uncertain:
An M. Night Apple TV show! Yaaay.

*(These were announced in at least 2016 but I’m not sure if they’ve even been made. I think Becoming has been because it has a poster on IMDB and actual information and a Letterboxd page but idk. I need it to happen tho bc he’s posessed by a demon in that one 👀🔥❤️ )

And finally, just when you thought you could not see him everywhere, here's Domhall Gleeson. Yes, he was here too!

I actually had to take this gif from an Imagine blog bc there are a surprising LACK of gifs about Hux out there.

Black Mirror Episode: “Be Right Back”
Notable Filmography: Peter Rabbit, Ex Machina, Star Wars The Force Awakens, the highest rated Star Wars movie known as The Last Jedi, Goodbye Christopher Robin, mother!, American Made, Calvary.

Once “The Man Who Was Everywhere”, you may have seen Gleeson in the above episode and a bunch of movies, some clearly shot with the intention to be Oscar bait that just never really took off. Did anyone see Goodbye Christopher Robin? Or American Made?

But many, many people saw Peter Rabbit. Which I really enjoyed. No word on if he will return for the sequel. If you haven't seen Calvary, you should.

Coming Soon: The Future Looks Not As Busy:
Star Wars Episode IV
The Kitchen

I didn't included people that I know ya'll know because I hardly know them. I can open the IMDB page and stare at it but I couldn't write about it. Would you *like* me to scrape together some words about Hayley Atwell when I barely know of her?

Of course not.

So ya'll can do it! And get hyped for Bandersnatch! Ya'll enjoy it, ya hear?

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