Madonna is the officcial ambassdor of Stonewall 2019 + some new album news

The Stonewall Inn announced Madonna as their 2019 ambassador. And that's sounds about right, 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the riots uprising of LGBT community against the system, and Madonna has always been one of the biggest LGBT allies for so long, especially back in the 80's when no one else would offer a spark.

Since it was announced yesterday fans are speculating now if she'll be performing next year in NYC Pride. Her new album, possibly named "Magic", is coming out next spring. Also it was just announced that Madonna has signed with Kelly Bush Novak (ID founder) from ID public relations. And Pride Live facebook page posted following pic, hinting at Madonna, her new album and her new public relation firm.

It's no accident Madonna actually visited Stonewall Inn 2 weeks ago in person. It is very possible they're working together on something interesting for NYC Gay pride next year.
We shall wait and see.

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