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Casey Cott is an absolute snack in the pages of GQ

Cott styled & dressed in Banana Republic

Riverdale's Casey Cott is in the pages of the latest GQ and interviews with the men’s fashion magazine over his whirlwind of a year. Cott discusses how his life has changed since much success of the show and how his style has evolved since he first hit the scene.

“I’ve learned about the details. Like how a high hem can change your suit. A tailored jacket is going to make you look so much better. Getting the tie knitted just perfectly — all those details. Like, tonight I’m not wearing a belt because it makes the monochromatic colors pop a little more.”

More fashion! and text behind the cut.

OP is a sucker for a well-fitted and tailored suit

“It has blown my mind. I never thought I’d be doing photoshoots, or going to a GQ party with all of these amazing actors. But I’ve learned it can be so much fun. And meeting people, which I get to do a lot through the madness around Riverdale has been my favorite part.”

Casey is a major sports fan. His favorite team in Basketball are the Cleveland Cavaliers and for football, the Buffalo Bills.

“Tonight is going to be turtleneck central,” says a bold Cott.

Shaken not stirred: The Riverdale actor loves himself a good martini to unwind. 🍸

Read his full interview at the first source.

ONTD, what trends in fashion are your favorite and least favorite? 🤔

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