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Christina Engelhardt comes forward about "dating" Woody Allen when she was 16 and he was 41

  • They met at a restaurant when she was 16 and he was 41 and she gave him her phone number

  • They had sex before she was 17 (which was then the age of consent in NYC)

  • She didn't tell him her age at the beginning but she did tell him she was in high school

  • She says she doesn't regret anything, doesn't want to bring him down and wants to add a "fresh perspective" about how she wasn't a victim but also admits their relationship was unequal and that in some ways he groomed her

  • A year into their relationship he started bringing over other young women for threesomes

  • Four years after they started sleeping together he told everyone he wanted to introduce them to his "new girlfriend" Engelhardt thought he was talking about her, it turned out he was talking about Mia Farrow

  • Also claims that she had threesomes with Mia Farrow and believes that Woody "groomed" her and Mia into doing whatever he wanted

  • Believes she was one of the people who was the inspiration for Tracy, Allen's character's teenage girlfriend in Manhatten. Says the biggest difference is in the film Allen's character brings his high school girlfriend around other adults whereas she was never allowed to meet them

  • Despite the fact that she was never allowed to meet his friends many people in her life corrobarate that she knew him and she has personal moments and letters from Allen where he recalls their time together


He's a creep.
Tags: #metoo, woody allen

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