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Karamo Brown thinks 'Call Me by Your Name' is 'problematic' b/c it glorifies 'predatory behavior'

-"I've worked with many survivors of sexual assault, especially in the LGBTQ community, which oftentimes goes unreported. And so the minute I saw that movie, I thought, 'Here we are glorifying this sort of relationship,'" Brown, who is a licensed psychotherapist and social worker, told INSIDER while promoting his partnership with Ford."

-"I haven't read the book, but I understand that the college student character is like, 19 years old [Editor's note: Oliver is 24 in the book]. And so the relationship between him and this 17-year-old boy — I guess it 'makes more sense,' and I'm doing air quotations there," Brown said. "But there is predatory behavior there that I see, especially in the movie, where Armie Hammer looks dramatically older than this young man."

Sources: 1 2
Tags: armie hammer, black celebrities, lgbtq film / media, netflix, timothee chalamet

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