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DC Comics media roundup: Lightning! Arrowverse! Aquamoa! Castings and more!

-Black Lightning is adding another superhero to its ranks and this time it is Jeffersons youngest daughter Jennifer who will be making her debut as Lightning in the 2nd half of the season. She'll join the ranks of her father who is Black Lightning and older sister who is known as Thunder.

-Her costume is badass!

-Lou Ferrigno will star as JSA founder, Hourman on the DC Universe show Stargirl.

-Brian Stapf will star as Wildcat aka Ted Grant.

-This will be the 3rd live adaption of the character, during Season 3 of Arrow, J.R. Ramirez played a younger, hotter, Ted Grant who was meant to be a love interest for Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary but due to scheduling issues the character vanished abruptly. Roger Hasket was the first actor to bring Wildcat to life on Smallville.

-Joel McHale has been cast as Starman/Sylvester Pemberton, mentee to Stargirl.

-Sylvester Pemberton was originally Sky Man and Star-Spangled Kid. It is unknown why they changed the characters origin.

-Aquaman has become the 5th highest grossing superhero film in China with a whopping $135 million!

-Aquaman is the #1 DC film to ever open in China.

-Set to gross more then Captain America: Civil War and take the 4th spot.

-Is currently in limbo between being certified fresh or certified rotten over on Rotten Tomatoes.

-Leading up to the S3 premiere, every Tuesday in December DCU is releasing "enhanced" versions of past YJ episodes.

-The Enhanced versions will feature commentary from cast and crew.

-Beverly Hills 90210/Sharknado star Ian Ziering is getting devilish for Swamp Thing.

-He'll play Daniel Cassidy who is also known as Blue Devil, a former stunt actor pining over his glory days.

-Swamp Thing will premiere on DC Universe in 2019

-Amber Heard wants to team up with Gal Gadot for a Mera/Wonder Woman team up movie.

-She's pitched the idea to DC but who knows if they'll bite like they did with giving Harley Quinn her own team up movie.

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