Fangoria Scans: Grindhouse, 300 & Diary of the Dead

Scans from the newest issue of Fangoria Magazine (#261, March 2007), with Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez's double feature extravangaza, Grindhouse, as the cover story, with an ~exclusive interview~ with Rodriguez about the film. Also included is an article about Zack Dawn-of-the-Dead-2004 Snyder's blockbuster 300 (mostly about the CGI and gore), and a very short article teasing George A. Romero fans with info about the newest addition to his Dead films, Diary of the Dead.

Click on the thumbnails to open the large, readable images. (and an un-edited version of the cover - I didn't want to scare any passers-by)


300 :

Diary of the Dead :

I can't fucking wait for Grindhouse. They have been showing the double-length trailer before showings of Black Snake Moan (and maybe other movies that I haven't seen yet) at the local theater, and it just gets me so hot and bothered every single time. GUH.

As for Diary of the Dead, I think most Romero enthusiasts agree that his last installment, Land of the Dead wasn't quite up to par with the brilliance of his first three Dead films, but it was still one of the best horror films to be released in years, so you gotta at least give him credit there, eh? I'm a little skeptical of the "Blair Witch" approach they are talking about using with Diary, but I do like the fact that Romero is going back to super underground filmmaking with no-name actors again. This gives me hope!

Source: Fangoria #261 & scanned by me. please don't hotlink!