My fellow ONTDers, we have always known that "famous" people and their PR interns walk among us. Who else would submit all those D-list celebrity walking posts on this dying site? Or stan new, fledgling popstars who barely have any google results? This is nothing new.

But none of those reality stars, Lorde clones or social media influencers have the mystique of Orville Peck, a masked LGBT country star who has described himself as a "psychedelic cowboy outlaw" and gained a small following. Surely someone that cool and hipster-y and made for a Pitchfork year end list wouldn't need to promote themselves on the purple site full of jackals? Hm?

It all started with user ___bikethief making a post about Orville's new London residency.

screencapped in case they delete lol

I left a comment referencing the rumor that Orville Peck is a rich kid's vanity project and received a cheeky reply. All in good fun! I then decided to google Orville Peck "Dead of Night" because I'd heard it a year ago and liked it, finding the original r/indieheads post where it was put up.

Huh. That username seems...familiar. Computer, ENHANCE!

Being the messy chismosa that I am, I replied with the link to r/indieheads reminding ___bikethief that posting about yourself on this community might be a bannable offense, and to have a slice of pie at a particular London cafe I love.

They then sent me this PM and deleted my reply in their post (before I could even screencap smh!) and deleted the post at r/indieheads

Hmmmmm. But the bikethief who posted on reddit spoke in the first person? As if they were the artist themselves?

Could it be multiple personalities? Posessesion? ARTPOP? Or...they lyin'?

Bonus screenshots of them being all "who dis?" faux hypin' on reddit:

s l o p p y

123 +screencaps via my old ass phone


Do you have a secret identity? What other "celebs" do you suspect post about themselves here? Are you a South African boyfriend?