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ONTD Original: 5 ONTD faves that should host the Oscars.


while we wait for that post, check out 5 people that could be great Oscar hosts.

5. Maya Rudolph

She's hilarious, guaranteed to make people laugh and last year her scene with Tiffany Haddish was one of the best part of the Oscars. She also has experience hosting, she had a short-lived but amazing variety show with Martin Short. Also Maya Rudolph is amazing and deserves everything.

4. Trevor Noah

A tradition as old as time. Late night talk show hosts are the go-to guys to host the Oscars. The academy just want them cause they're reliable and will do the job. No risks. Well, to keep up tradition Trevor could do the job perfectly considering he's the best one of all the american hosts today.

3. Patton Oswalt

Unproblematic fave. He's hilarious and could be a great host but mainly...because Stephen King said so!

2. No One

*crickets noises* Do we really need a host? The awards are presented by the actors anyway. And the actors can be introduced by that lady's voice that introduces people too. It could also mean we can cut the beginning speech time which producers would be thankful for.

1. Graham Norton

I bet you didn't thought about this. Wouldn't he be great? He's the best host ever. Period. ONTD loves him. He can throw the losers on the red chair, he can look at live tweets of people talking about the Oscars and he can tell the losers to EAT SHIT AND DIE, JESSICA. Academy, make this happen.

Source: Me, Myself and I... and Stephen King's twitter.
Tags: award show - academy awards, black celebrities, graham norton, maya rudolph, ontd original, stephen king

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