The View: Me-Again McCain Whines, Plus Kerry Washington and Marlo Thomas

For Hot Topics they discuss Pete Davidson and the Bikini Backlash between Jessica Simpson and Natalie Portman. Me-Again Mccain is OTT and compares herself to Pete Davidson re/online bullying. Me-again also wants to make sure you know that she's curvy and has always had big b00bs and hdu you say she can't wear a bikini but not be sexualized. [Which has nothing to do with the remark from Portman]

Me-Again says "I know what it feels like to be hated in the same way Pete Davidson does”. She is also very upset at all the articles calling her a "huge btcih" after the blow-up with Behar. Me-again remains insufferable.

Kerry Washington and Marlo Thomas were the main guests. Kerry talks about Scandal and American Son and Anita Hill, and Marlo talks about St Jude.

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The co-hosts have a candid discussion about the perception of women after Natalie Portman apologized for saying she didn't understand the dichotomy of Jessica Simpson, who was a virgin at the time, being photographed in a bikini.

Kerry Washington shares what she misses most about playing Olivia Pope on 'Scandal,' the opportunities sparked for conversation by her Broadway play 'American Son,' and her thoughts on the Kavanaugh hearings after playing Anita hill in the movie 'Confirmation.'

Marlo Thomas talks about her work with St Judes

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