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How Britney Spears Built a Billion-Dollar Business Without Selling a Single Record

In 2004, Britney Spears launched Curious, her first perfume. But celebrity scents are not always a sure thing. Many of them drop into the market, lasting only a season never to be heard from again (remember J by Jennifer Aniston or Black Star by Avril Lavigne?).

It turned out to be the best selling fragrance of 2004, netting over $100 million in sales.
By 2013, one report stated that in five years Elizabeth Arden had sold over 500 million bottles of Curious. That’s five times as many units in a quarter of the time.

Despite the fact that sales of perfumes with famous names attached peaked in 2011, and have been on the decline ever since.
Cosmo noted a dip as low as 22% in the category's sales.

However, Britney Spears’ perfume operation has continued to thrive. Just this fall, she released Prerogative — her 24th perfume — directly into Kohl’s and Walmart stores. It also happened to be her first “gender neutral” scent.

Do you wear "celebrity scents?"

Sources: the InStyle tweet InStyle
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