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Tony Todd reacts to the 'Candyman' reboot news and shares what he wants

Candyman first apperance.JPG

Just this week, BD had the scoop confirmed that Jordan Peele is producing a "spiritual sequel" the underrated 90s horror movie, with Nia DaCosta directing. Tony Todd is unconfirmed to cast in it and had some thoughts on what we wants to see.

"In 2018, I think there are a few neighborhoods that could use some Candyman justice, you know what I’m saying? I’m just happy that as an African-American man, that Candyman has once again been given the nod to enter people’s consciousness,” he says.

The horror icon hopes that they won't dance around the romance between him and the love of his life. "[Back then] it was rare that African-American male film stars got to kiss any of the white leading ladies they worked with."

The new Candyman is slated to be in theaters on June 12, 2020.

Tags: actor / actress, black celebrities, film - horror, film - in development, reboot / remake / revival

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