Flop: The new iPhones are struggling to sell, resort to promo deals and trade-ins to boost sales

Apple’s latest iPhones (the XS, XS Max and XR) are struggling this year in sales forcing Apple to use new marketing strategies it rarely uses: advertising the iPhone XR for $449*. That’s $300 less than its official sale price. There is an * asterisk however, noting that for customers to receive the promotional discount you must trade in an iPhone 7 Plus first.

The company is even telling their marketing team to stop current projects to instead focus on coming up with ways to help sell the iPhone XR and XS, adding speculation that iPhones simply aren’t selling like the company had expected.

“Apple is faced with the conundrum of needing to look into the mirror and decide if they should come out with an even lower priced iPhone," says the source.

Perhaps discontinuing the more affordable iPhone SE and pricing most of the new iPhones near and over $1,000 with no 2-Year contracts from carriers to subsidize the price may just have something to do with it. Or people are just waking up from their tired marketing. Or both. Just a thought.

ONTD, what is your current brand and phone model?

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