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Temptation Island (Exclusive Sneak Peek)

Four dating couples at a crossroads in their relationships travel to Maui, Hawaii and live the single life with 24 eligible men and women. Are they meant to be together? Temptation Island premieres Tuesday, January 15, 10/9c on USA.

Nicole (25) & Karl (31)
Dating for 2.5 years
They met at the gym while Nicole was still in another relationship. She feels that Karl is her first true love.

Kady (30) & John (35)
Dating for 3 years
They met on Bumble. Kady constantly questions John's masculinity.

Shari (25) & Javen (25)
Dating for 8 years
They are high school sweethearts. Javen cheated on Shari in college and she still can't get over it.

Kaci (29) & Evan (28)
Dating on and off for 10 years, exclusive for the past 5
Kaci is ready for marriage and motherhood, but Evan is not ready to propose.

Source 1 + 2

ONTD, which couple are you rooting for to succumb to temptation?
Tags: reality show, reboot / remake / revival, television - usa network, true love / love is dead

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