Les Moonves still out here being trash

An independent investigation regarding sexual misconduct claims against former CBS CEO Les Moonves was launched after Moonves left the company.

Moonves was required to cooperate with the investigation. He didn't.

Investigators state he deliberately lied to them when they interviewed him. They also found that he deleted emails and texts to his manager regarding his assault against actress Bobbie Philips and withheld the fact that he used CBS resources to get her a job so she would stay quiet.

The report also states a new claim of misconduct, where Moonves had a woman "on-call" for oral in his office.

A $120 million severance package was put aside for Moonves, pending the results of the investigation. He wouldn't see a penny if just cause for termination was found. Investigators believe that have multiple bases to conclude that CBS is in the right to terminate him.

The report is expected to be officially presented to the board next week.