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Flop This Way; Mike Epps and Jessica Alba Worst-Reviewed Actors of Past 20 Years

The criteria:

  • Appear in 20 or more English-speaking, non-animated films across the last 20 years.

  • They also had to be among the top-10 billed for each of their appearances.

Alba (Sin City, Fantastic Four 2.0) Metacritic score averaged 39 out of 100. 59% of her movies received negative reviews, as opposed to 5%. Epps'  (Apparently Uncle Drew, which I saw, and do not recall him at all, Resident Evil: Extinction, Next Friday) had a 38.8 score out of 100.

Other people good at making bad decisions include Jessica Biel, Anthony Anderson, Gerard Butler, Amanda Seyfried, and Rosario Dawson.

More flop records @ the source

Haven't heard from many of these people in quite a while...wonder who would be on this list for the past five years?
Tags: amanda seyfried, film, flop, gerard butler, jessica biel (timberlake), rosario dawson

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