Ariana Grande called out for transmisogyny and blackface by gay publication

- Ariana Grande's new music video 'Thank U, Next' has been called out for promoting "Transmisogyny, heterosexual pride, and blackface"
- They point out Ariana’s backup dancer Scott Nicholson is playing a trans woman where we’re supposed to laugh at him for his feminine mannerisms.
- Take issue with her "modern blackface", by way of heavy bronzing, dark foundation, and digital coloring to make Ariana appear ethnic.
- Say she emphasizes her heterosexuality as a point of pride and empowerment, by making rumors of her lesbianism a punchline and later reinforcing she dates men in her scene with Coolidge.
- The writer of the article received so many death threats from Ariana fans they had to omit his name from the article.


Thoughts, ONTD? Is the writer reaching or did they make some points?