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Ariana Grande covers tribute to Pete's dad with the name of Mac Miller's dog

A few months back, news broke out that during the #LoveIsLit2k18 tour Ariana Grande got a matching tattoo of Pete Davidson's dad's badge number. Pete's dad died tragically during 9/11 and Ariana got the numbers 8414 to honor his late father even though she had never met him.

In the latest behind the scenes video of her Thank U, Next music video, Ariana shows off a new tattoo in the same spot only this time it's covered with the name Myron which is the name of her dead ex boyfriend Mac Miller's dog. She even shows it off to the crew saying "Look at my Myron. Guys, look. How cool, right?" Cool to Ariana but Twitter on the other hand has not been so kind.

This isn't the only tattoo the ponytail has covered, she recently was hiding Pete's name with a bandaid on her finger which has now turned into another heart.

Was this a lose/lose situation or is it just straight up trashy? You decide ONTD!

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