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38 Hottest 'Ships of Fall 2018!

The first half of the new TV season is under our belts, and with it comes new couples and potential couples.
Some of them are canon, others are slow burns, and some 'ships are pure wish fulfillment generating buzz amongst fans.

1 Neil and Claire - The Good Doctor
The relationship between these two has 'shippers on the edge of their seats. There has been friction between Claire and Neil, and their sexual tension is so thick it can be cut with a scalpel.Status: Someone is prime to make a move. Soon.

3 Ben and Saanvi - Manifest
This investigative duo will get to the bottom of the Manifest secrets and have 'shippers rooting for them along the way. Status: They're supposed to be friends, but is anyone rooting for Ben and Grace to work things out? No. Ben deserves better, and so do we. Give the people what they want.

11. Max and Helen - New Amsterdam
Max and Helen have the type of chemistry that can best be described as lightning in a bottle, so it's no wonder Sharpwin is the most popular 'ship. They may have did toogood of a job selling us on their friendship! Status: Max is married with a kid on the way, so it's probably not gonna happen. Shippers are gonna 'ship though.

Ryan & Freema are dating

19. Mina and AJ - The Resident
AJ has mentored Mina in medicine, life, and opening herself up to love. They have electric chemistry and some similarities, so they work well as a friendship or mentor/mentee relationship, but the possibility of more is intriguing. Status: A smooth and sexy slow burn done right. Works for us!

32. Anissa and Grace - Black Lightning
Grace and Anissa have all the complicated history and back and forth that drives 'shippers wild. They also have amazing chemistry and if there is a checklist for a perfect 'ship, they check off every box. Status: They are literally a power couple. Let them be happy!

The rest @ the source

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