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Tyra Banks Promotes 'Life-Size 2'

- Talks about showing of her natural beauty on social media
- Lil Yachty will make a cameo in the movie - is a fan of Life-Size and cried when Eve turned back into a doll
- Bella Hadid & Miley Cyrus talked about being huge fans of Life-Size
- Looks in the camera and gives a shoutout to Lindsay Lohan

- Without giving too much away, the movie will make nods to Casey (Lindsay Lohan's character)
- Eve will be brought to life in a similar way as the first (hair + spells)
- Still gets nervous about acting
- Tyra will be producing more shows and thinks about teaching courses on personal branding in the future

The movie premieres tomorrow! Excited?

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Tags: interview, nostalgia, television - freeform, tyra banks

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