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The Real discuss social media influencer and model Emma Hallberg for blackfishing on Instagram

The Real panel discuss the recent controversy of social media influencer & Instagram model Emma Hallberg who has been accused of “blackfishing” in order to gain followers and endorsements. Some may ask, what does that exactly mean? A quick online search summarized it like this, “The general point of blackfishing is for a female of European descent to appear of African, Arab, or Hispanic ancestry.”

Hallberg responded to the online criticism saying, “I haven't done anything to make myself look darker. I get the tan naturally when I've been in the sun. I cannot change the way I was born because the things I've been accused of and the things people are mad about are things that are natural on me like my hair, my lips, my nose, my face. I've never claimed to be black or biracial or anything else than white,” said Hallberg to “Good Morning America.”


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Tags: discussion, internet celebrities, race / racism, television - cw, tia and tamera mowry

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