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Hilarious episode of Graham Norton featuring Steve Carell, Dawn French, Michael B Jordan

-Michael B Jordan's body caused a girl to break her retainer after seeing him shirtless... He found out about it and sent her a pm saying he'd pay for the retainer and she said for him not to worry about it, her insurance will cover it but she'd like a picture with him if he's ever in her town
-Graham shared more thirsty tweets about Michael including one where a woman said Mike set her uterus on fire
-Dawn named her breasts Ant and Dec because one is smaller than the other
-Michael said he only has 4 or 5 chest hairs and he gives them names too, Dawn said she has plenty of hair to donate lmao
-Dawn got food poisoning once and her mom thought she was sick because of RIMMING, Steve and Michael died laughing
-Steve once got knocked out during a hockey game and a guy asked him "What's my name Steve???" and Steve didn't actually know so he said "I don't know" and everyone panicked and thought he had a concussion
-Michael got knocked out for real during filming of Creed 1
-Michael said he wasn't funny enough to be on that couch

-Cheryl was slow and weird, but at least her plastic surgery settled and she looks like herself again, she seems to have hots for Michael

Source : https://youtu.be/Q9ox8yk2vnc

Whose body makes you weak in the knees, ONTD? PROVIDE PICS.
Tags: british celebrities, cheryl cole, graham norton, marvel, michael b jordan, one direction, sexy, steve carell

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