The Washington Post's handy reference guide for Ariana's "Thank U, Next"; reporters feud over video

The video is really well put together: if you haven't seen all the films the music video references, it's a quick and direct way to catch up. Who knew that WaPo is as good at reporting on pop culture as they are at unearthing the latest malfeasance of the world's despotic regimes? Of course, whatever they do report on, we can't actually post here, as the newspaper is a banned source. But their social media posts aren't! So here goes:

And speaking of the intersection of journalism and pop culture, CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy was aghast that had Ari's new video as a headline for a while when it first dropped:

Buzzfeednews reporter Ellie Hall clapped back with the greatest of ease:

Another Buzzfeed reporter has a pretty reasonable explanation:

Sources: WaPo video, Oliver's tweet, Ellie's tweet, Alp's tweet
When I'm on the move, I periodically glance at Buzzfeednews to make sure the world hasn't ended yet (I find Buzzfeednews' headlines less clickbaity than those on CNN and other sources. Really!). So that's how I learned the vid had dropped (it's important news to me, OK). So thank u, Buzzfeed!