Lisa Origliasso of the Veronicas got married, and it was wild

Lisa's husband (some nobody actor idk) posted a wedding pic on his insta and provided the following caption:

[the importance of mothers exemplified in the miracle at canna]"loganhuffman77 I would like to share some of the more intimate details of Lisa and my ceremony. It embodied several spiritual practices we hold dear to our hearts. An integral part of our pre- ceremony above all else, was to show respect to the rightful owners of the land on which we wed. Wiruungga Dunggiirr from the Numba Gumbaynggiirr nation bestowed us with blessings and protection. It was truly the highest honor.
The ceremony was lead by our high priestess, Sonnie McAuley Who spoke of the similarities between Christ and Buddha. And the providence of their love. Lisa’s brother Julian Origliasso lit a white candle for those who could not be with us. And in honor of their family tradition, read a Roman Catholic prayer. It was a beautiful start to our ceremony. Then my triplet mate, Noelle Huffman read one of Lisa and I’s favorite Shinto love tales- The Wind in the pine tree. Next my best man and triplet brother, Lucas Huffman read an Apache marriage blessing. In honor of the people of The Americas. Lisa’s twin sister Jessica Origliasso recited a beautiful Hindi prayer to Ganesh- the remover of all obstacles, to bless our marriage. Next our high priestess spoke of the importance of mothers exemplified in the miracle at Canna.
Lisa and I recited our hand written vows to each other. Followed by the Ancient Germanic signing of the contact- in Runic writing of the Elder Futhark- which I had carved out of a stump of California costal oak.
My advice to any lovers is to make your wedding day your own. There is no wrong way to love or worship. As long as it comes from the heart."

taken from this thread. it was so beautiful i thought it deserved its own post. h/t to drblind!


the california coastal oak did not die for this