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Casting Updates for the 'Veronica Mars' Hulu Revival

Earlier today, a video of Kristen Bell getting nostalgic on the set of the original Mars Investigations office was posted to the official Veronica Mars instagram (check out the stories too!):

There have been a number of casting updates since the last post...

  • Lewis will play Marcia Langdon, the new Chief of Police.

  • Howell-Baptiste will play Nicole, a Neptune nightclub owner.

  • Greenfield returns as Leo D'Amato.

  • Oswalt will have a recurring role as Penn Epner, a pizza delivery guy who's very passionate about true crime.

  • Collins will play Alonzo, a mid-level hitman for a Mexican cartel who travels to Neptune on a job but has doubts concerning his "chosen career field" after he falls for a local girl.

  • Vidovic will play Matty Ross who, much like the teenaged-Veronica, seeks her own justice after losing the person most important to her.

And perhaps the biggest casting news...

  • Simmons will play Clyde Prickett, an ex-con who now works as Big Dick Casablancas' fixer after having offered protection to Casablancas on his first day of prison.


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