ONTD Original: 10 Hot Women 45 Years Old and Over

Whoever said men age better than women was full of shit/a man. There are way more than ten women who have aged incredibly, but OP wanted to submit this post today, man. So all of you in the comments need to add to the list!

Behind the cut are women who have taken care of themselves over the years and did not go overboard with the plastic surgery and/or fillers. They've aged like fucking queens and take the fear many women have out of growing older. All photos are of candids/appearances - not overly-shopped photoshoots.

Stop crying while you eat your birthday cake and lemme provide proof that your 20s =/= your peak tbh.

Jamie Lee Curtis
"[Being older is] the freedom to finally learn!"


Lookin' like a snack a few days shy of 60. Jamie Lee Curtis has always had a certain swag about her, and that hasn't faded over the years. Quite the opposite, actually! As she's grown older, she seems to have gotten a lot more comfortable in her own skin and really knows how to light up a room with her hotness.

"We all are going to walk through things that are hard and challenging, and yet advertising wants us to believe that it's all easy. Everything's easy—aging's easy, childrearing's easy, dressing's easy—everything's easy. And I think it's a real disservice to people because I think it feeds you something that's not true."

SOURCES: IG, Interview (Oprah)

Jennifer Aniston
"You have to be really comfortable in your own skin. You have to start with being in love with [who] you are."

Jennifer Aniston

Even though we stan a woman who raises her middle finger to 'beauty tips and secrets', we still love when they get real with their own routines. Jennifer Aniston is all about keeping it real tbh, and for that alone, she doesn't need that perfect hair and skin to be considered hot. But she is. She's hot as fuck.
"Clear and Brilliant Laser. Don't do lasers in the summer though, because then your skin is so much more sensitive."

Note: Jen has gotten some filler work done, but it's all good. It's quite subtle and she still looks like herself. It would be sweet potatoes if she said 'fuck it' to fillers, but we can't blame a woman in Hollywood for eventually turning to the cosmetic needle. She's not the only one on this list, either!
SOURCE: Interview (Glamour)

Jennifer Lopez
"Every day it's like, 'wake up. Kick ass. Repeat.' Every day!"


Excuse the awkward jogging photo, but I really really wanted J.Lo on this list. She wears more makeup than Xtina, though, and I didn't want to post those photos because makeup is not what makes her beautiful. These are the freshest photos of her I could find, and... wow tbh. She looks even better in interviews where her sense of humour shines through, if you can imagine it. OP may have a crush.

Jennifer Lopez
"I get my seven to eight hours of sleep no matter what. [laughs] If you have to wait a little bit - I might be a little late here and there - but we're gonna get stuff done!"

SOURCES: IG, Interview (ET)

Gabrielle Union
"[Oily skin] keeps you youthful looking. So whenever you think of blotting, just let it shine."


WHAT THE FUCK. Are you seeing this? Don't even bother trying to look up her beauty secrets, sis. She has the genes of a goddess. And if you're hard of seeing, you can at least drool over her relationship with food.

Gabrielle Union
"I'm going to Mexican as soon as I get out of this chair. I need tacos. So I'm gonna get some tacos. Maybe a burrito, I don't know. Just balance, you know, you can't [eat exceptionally healthy] every meal. Don't deprive yourself. If you want the donut, have the donut. I ate a whole serving of apple cake [shrugs]. I needed it, so I ate it."

SOURCES: IG, Interview (Us Weekly)

Salma Hayek
"The right fat can keep you young for a long time."


She's said some things in the past that make her a problematic fav, but if we can ignore 'hot' men for being men/inevitably problematic, we can do the same here for a sec tbh. Salma is so sexy that it kinda hurts so good.

Salma Hayek
"Embrace the good fat, this is very important. And I make a bone broth - it's full of collagen. But when you drink it, it's like... fat. I think people are afraid of fat, and fat is your friend."

SOURCES: IG, Interview (ExtraTV)

Halle Berry
"The Red Carpet Facial by Kinara Spa. I. Swear by it."


How tf is this website still so over-saturated with bf posts when we have goddesses walking amongst us.

Halle Berry
"Bone broth. Bone broth. You can go to the butcher and get all the bones that they're gonna throw away and they'll give 'em to you free. And you take the bones, boil 'em up for, like, 24 hours and you drink the broth! It's so full of collagen."

SOURCES: IG, Interview (ExtraTV)

Lucy Liu
"Wear a hat. Enjoy the sun! But don't get too much sun."

Not many people are too crazy over her recent change to blonde. People say it washes her out, which is a fair assessment, but NNNN if you think she gives af. She was asked about it on The Talk earlier this year where she revealed she's been wanting to dye her hair blonde for "a long time". She didn't feel compelled to 'explain' further though, she's just chillin' and enjoying being blonde. Fuck you all lmao

Lucy Liu
"I told [my two-year-old son] beforehand. I said, 'mommy's gonna change her hair to look like Morgan's [a friend of Lucy's]'. And he was like, 'oh, okay! Are you gonna use a marker?'"

Bonus: ONTD fav (???.gif) Shawn Mendez is #shook
SOURCES: IG, Interview (The Talk) - - embedding disabled

Elizabeth Hurley
"Go outside as often as you can."


Liz stans sleep, circulated air, and a good moisturizer. She's the type of person who does care about the way she looks, but she doesn't sacrifice an ounce of health for it. She had realized long ago that physical beauty is quite literally more than skin-deep, and she looks better than ever, my dudes.

Elizabeth Hurley
"When you're younger, it's all about beauty. As you get older, you realize it's all about your health. I've been trying to exercise more, I've been trying to eat healthily... I've even given up coffee."

SOURCES: IG, Interview (ExtraTV)

Kim Cattrall
"I don't feel that pressure. If I want to look a certain way, then that's for my satisfaction."


The only Kim ever worth mentioning when it comes to beauty posts. She is one of OP's favs for her mind alone, but she's also physically beautiful af, ugh. She is nhf men deciding on what women should find entertaining, she's not hf older men being paired up with younger women in film, and she articulates her concerns well with a Kim Cattrall class. She could look like Shrek and OP would still swoon.

Kim Cattrall
"I've had, really, the advantage of working out and educating myself further of traveling - so many things which have challenged me, mentally and physically, and demanded from me to be youthful in a way."

"I feel there's very few roles [in Hollywood] to begin with, and those roles are in two categories of someone wanting to be young in a very desperate way, or someone who's given up. That's why I don't depend on Hollywood for jobs anymore, that's why I became an executive producer."

SOURCES: IG, Interview (BBC)

Melissa McCarthy
"You bring it real down, you don't do anything fun, and you go to bed at 7:30pm."

Melissa McCarthy can come out dressed as a republican and she'd still be sexy as hell. Her hair and face are fucking beautiful, and the variation in her humour is so attractive.

Melissa McCarthy
She is without beauty tip quotes, but that in itself is kind of sexy lmao. Women rule.


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Fuck makeup beauty posts tbh. Talk about your comfort food, skincare, what relaxes you, etc!! And add on to this painfully short list!