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Mariah Carey sits down for hour-long career-spanning interview; confirms she is writing her memoirs

Mariah Carey stopped by Genius HQ on Wednesday night to sit down and discuss the evolution of her songwriting over the course of her career. Carey released her 15th studio album Caution today.

Carey spoke about her hits as well as deepcuts like “The Roof” and “Breakdown,” calling the former her favorite of her songs. She revealed that she is currently writing a memoir, so she attempted to not divulge too much gossip over the course of the night. “I’m trying not to give it all away,” she said before reminiscing a bit about writing “The Roof.”

Nevertheless, the chanteuse was candid about her music and her creative process in the hour-long interview, held before an audience of devoted lambs who knew the singer's extensive catalogue word-for-word. As a devoted lamb myself, my observation is the Carey seems more comfortable with herself and her career than she has in many years. In fact, I think one album review published today in the Atlantic captured Carey's current evolution:

"There might be some sort of re-evaluation going on about Carey lately. The soundtrack for her famous flop of a film, 2001’s Glitter, just hit the top of the iTunes charts thanks to a fan campaign on social media. Her announcement of bipolar-disorder diagnosis this April added complexity to erratic-diva caricatures drawn of her. And she’s been nominated for the Songwriters Hall of Fame in recognition of the under-discussed fact that she’s co-written almost her entire discography, including 17 of her 18 top Billboard hits."

Interview (Youtube)
Album review (The Atlantic)
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