Ezra Miller for Playboy

  • “Look, I bring forth my work to this job, and I do the best that I can." in regards to working with Depp. The cast were not consulted regarding Depp joining the film.

  • Contemplates death a lot (same)

  • Experienced a lot of heartbreak, monogamy is not for him and the good man is POLY

  • Membership process to join the poly circle (polycule) is selective

  • “Of course I’ve been in audition situations where sexuality was totally being leveraged. It’s really important to acknowledge the diversity of voices who have experienced this shit, and all genders, all capacities, all types of people. Everyone is victim to it. Everyone is a survivor of it.”

  • “No. I feel you, baby. I’m crying, too.” Ezra when the journalist apologized for crying during the interview

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Has your fave served a lot of looks, has a lot of empathy and is just a joy, ONTD? no? k