'A Star Is Born' struggles to impress non-english speaking countries.

The film has been doing quite well in white america but when compared to other recent musicals it's international numbers aren't all that.

A Star Is Born foreign box office numbers stand at just less than 45% of it's total take, Bohemian Rhapsody foreign gross percentage, for example, takes 63.2% of its earning. La La Land's foreign box office numbers sit at 66.1% and The Greatest Showman's at 59.9%.

It is important to note that audiences in countries like the U.K., France and Australia, whose main population are white people, have embraced A Star Is Born.

Outside of english-speaking territories tho, the musical melodrama has underperformed.


OP NOTE: I'm in DR and i gotta say that eventhough WB invested in having the trailer play in 2 of the radio stations that i listen to on my way to work, the movie only spent 1 week in the movie theater i go to, whereas The Greatest Showman spent like a month and now Bohemian Rhapsody is spending it's third week. So there's that...