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Ariana Grande Gently Lets An Aspiring Rapper Know He's Wrong, He then Backtracks

Ariana's #1 song "Thank U, Next" continues to make its rounds from being a meme, to becoming an anthem for people going through relationships, to now nobodies who think they have a counterargument to the meaning of the song, including this random Twitter user who shares a very confrontational (?) viewpoint as a "shoutout to all the fellas who got an ex girlfriend singing this song" in a cringey fuccboi rap about feeling victimized. (click to listen for mediocrity and cringey mannerisms)

Ariana replied to the video that probably was circling around her feed, saying "i’m sure this felt great but ...... u missed the WHOLE point 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂 i hope you’re ...... okay". The rapper insists people that are mad are 'probably a female, and this wasn't for you'.

He had a very classy explanation to the song:

Ari however still complimented him on... expressing himself while he still missed the point of the song (which is about movin on):

Fellas, is it gay to dedicate a song to fellas?
I mean you're singing a song for a man...

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Tags: #1, ariana grande, celebrity social media, men are weak, music / musician, nobody, you mad
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