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AHS - Apocalypse: 13 (5) Burning questions the finale needs to answer

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We're heading into the finale of Apocalypse, another season that fell apart at the end smh with one regular episode to tie ends with, though that remains debatable as the rumor mill is pumping out that the reason two consecutive seasons were renewed back-to-back is the connection between the two. So let's get onto it and hope the good sis Ryan is reading and takes note for next season........ha.

-How does the timeline line up?
Billie Dean Howard was shown in Hotel in 2022, so it looks likely that Mallory goes back in time to prevent the apocalypse, but how far will she go back and what will be changed? Will Tate still impregnate Violet's mom with the baby antichrist and will Violate stans still exist?? Hard questions.

-Is Mallory just a witch?
Michael seemed to be intrigued with her and her powers are bigger than any other witch in-training, resulting in speculations that she's a celestial being. Though Billie Lourd keeps laughing off these rumors, we'll keep the possibilities open till the end.

-Where is Misty Day?
After she hooked up with her idol and white witch, Stevie Nicks, she disappeared off the face of the earth. Will she come back? Will she have the happy ending she deserves?

-How did the witches survive the apocalypse?
From the trailer, it looks like they ended up underground and clawing their way out. We don't have any answer yet where they were.

-Is this really the end of Apocalypse?
There's a lot to untangle here (character stories being untold, etc.), so many are asking is this the first two-part season? It is the first real crossover season, so Ryan could break from form once again to give the anthology series new life.


what do y'all want answers to???
Tags: american horror story (fx), ryan murphy, television - fx
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