Dick Van Dyke's scenes in Mary Poppins Returns brought people to tears

Dick Van Dyke will have a powerfull emotional monologue as part of his role as Mr. Dawes Jr. in the new movie, and the scene was apparently so overwhelming for those on set that Rob Marshall was in tears and apparently unable to end the scene and say cut.

According to Emily Blunt...

"That was the day that Rob [Marshall] cried, hard. I knew that Rob was struggling to hold it together because Dick finished his speech and there was a huge pause and no one was saying 'cut.' That was when we all realized that this really was the next chapter and what an honor it was to carry this on."

Apparently, after filming the previously mentioned monologue, Van Dyke then breezed into an impromptu performance of the Mary Poppins classic ''Feed The Birds'', this caused LMM to have his own emotional moment.

Lin Manuel Miranda recalls...

''That was also the most emotional day on set. He has this beautiful monologue, but then he also sang [off-script] 'Feed the Birds'. Now, I never saw the end of Mary Poppins until I was in high school because when I was a kid 'Feed the Birds' would come on and that melody was so sad, I would burst into tears and turn off the movie. So to have Dick Van Dyke beautifully performing this incredible monologue and then those notes, which still wreck me to this day... it was very tough holding it together.''