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Lady Gaga for Variety + Chair Photoshoot Goes Viral

- Gaga covers Variety in a photoshoot wearing Bradley Cooper's character Jackson Maine's shirt

- Journalist mentions the previous talks of ASIB remakes before this final one, with Jack White as the intended lead because Cooper wanted an actual musician to play the part. Chairman of Warner Brothers Toby Emmerick shares alternative endings to the film, but changed as they were on set.

- Gaga said she kept souvenirs from the movie - including Ally's songbook, a bottle of Mr. Bubble, and Jackson's shirt, to hopefully share with her future kids

- She mentions a scene that was cut from the film that included Jackson giving her a pair of ruby slippers under the bed 👠

- Gaga insists Ally's transformation to pop (performing "Why Did You Do That" on SNL) was supposed to be shallow, while Cooper considers otherwise saying “I don’t necessarily view her music as superficial, I think she’s performing with all her heart.”

- Gaga's photoshoot sparked comparisons to Ariana's confusing My Everything album cover shoot, questioning the odd choice of positioning on a stool

Are you perplexed by these poses ONTD?

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Tags: bradley cooper, lady gaga, magazine covers and articles, music / musician, photo shoot
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