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People's Sexiest Men Alive, ranked

There have been 29 different Sexiest Men Alive since 1985 when People magazine started giving out the honor.
Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Richard Gere are all two-time winners. Gere’s first win was as part of People’s only “Sexiest Couple Alive” award, along with then wife Cindy Crawford.

Some can still be called sexy, while others were trendy or just had a movie coming out and a really good publicist.

Sources: the Yardbarker tweet Yardbarker

5. Idris Elba
4. Pierce Brosnan
3. Brad Pitt
2. Denzel Washington
1. George Clooney

ETA: Had to change to top 5, because 10 is not allowed.
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