Lorde shades Kanye for stealing her glass box stage concept

Lorde recently took to Instagram (despite having been pretty much absent from it for a long time) to address Kanye's glass box stage, which is suspiciously similar to one that Lorde and her dancers have been using since March. She intercalated pictures of her own stage with pictures of Kanye performing with Kid Cudi in his version of it, at Camp Flog Gnaw, on Sunday night. She wrote, "I'm proud of the work I do and it's flattering when other artists feel inspired by it, to the extent that they choose to try it on themselves. But don't steal not from women or anyone else not in 2018 or ever."

The New Zealander songstress recently performed in Argentina's Personal Fest and absolutely killed it, with OP as witness.

Source: Lorde's instagram