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Christina Aguilera tells fans she tried singing at a New Orleans bar the night before and was denied

Five time Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, actress and former television personality Christina María Aguilera told a sold out crowd in New Orleans at her Liberation Tour that when she attempted to sing at a bar the night before, she was promptly denied and not given the microphone.

“I go to this bar and there’s like this live band playing, and I was just like with a couple of my dancers. You know, after a minute I was like let me get up on stage and jam with this guy and maybe I’ll sing a song or whatever and have fun. And he would not give me the mic. He’s like a little older, he was not feeling it, he was not going to give up his mic. I was like, Oh, I just wanna come up and then he goes, what are you going to dance for me? And I’m like no! I just want to sing a song with you! And he, I don’t know. So [being here] is very nice, I was just like, I’ll save it for tomorrow. It’s alright, it’s all good.”

Liberation is currently available on iTunes and all streaming services.

ONTD, have you ever been denied anything at a bar?

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