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Youtubers Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart ask fans for money for their podcast


Youtubers Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart are asking fans to donate to Patreon so they can start a podcast. Their show This Might Get Weird used to air on Youtube, but the studio that produced it cancelled it for low ratings.The duo is asking for money to continue the podcast.

So, what are the perks if you donate to their Patreon?

Weirdos ($5 per month) receive bonus footage, such as unshared photos from their iPhone camera rolls
Creeps ($15 per month) receive early access to tour info and a bonus monthly podcast episode
Doofs ($30) receive access to an exclusive fan forum
Pervs($69) receive a twice-yearly mystery box as well as access to a 30-minute “pre-game” live stream.
Fools ($500) receive a two-on-one life coaching session with Helbig and Hart every three months.

Helbig has 3 million Youtube subscribers; Hart has over one million. It's been a rocky road for Helbig, once one of the world's most popular Youtubers. She is "taking a break" from making Youtube videos and recently switched management companies.

Do you donate to your friends' crowdfunding projects? What is the dumbest crowdfunding campaign you've seen?

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