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20 (5) Great Performances in Poorly Reviewed Movies

Sometimes, there are diamonds in the rough.

Eddie Redmayne / Balem Abrasax / Jupiter Ascending

Well, I had to get you in here with something.

Let's remember how wild 2015 in movies was. There was...Jem and the Holograms, Fantastic Four, and....this.

I rewatched this recently and yes, the mumbly, fish-lipped deathbead-bound space lord played by Oscar Winner Eddie Redmayne in the growing genre of "Very expensive sci-fi movies that flop horribly and are directed by 'ehhhh' people." The performance may not have been *good*, but it certainly was the only entertaining thing outside of the nice visuals. #CreateLife

Meryl Streep /Julia Childs/ Julie & Julia

A movie where the moral is "Do something you love" and "Never meet your heroes", Streep of course kills it. I don't know why this is news or why I included it, but Amy Adams and Stanley Tucchi are also in the film. Of course, she was nominated for Best Actress for the film, and critics wished the film was just about her. Sorry, Amy.

Ezra Miller / The Flash / Justice League

WB's golden boy who may or may not get his own standalone film in the DCEU as The Flash did a great job in Justice Leauge (apparently. I did not see it and have 0 interest in doing so). The article says that the entire DCEU could learn a lesson from his balancing act of emotional depth and comedic levity.

Viola Davis /Amanda Waller/ Suicide Squad

The last DCEU movie I decided to waste my time with. The production design was cool, the story muddled and weird, the movements wiggly re: Enchantress, and Jai Courtney did not bring the movie crashing down around him. Of course the shining star was Oscar Winner Viola Davis in her minute role as Amanda Waller.

Will Smith / Nicky / Focus

Oh, 2015. Again.

I never saw this movie but apparently the Fresh Prince steals it with his old-school sex symbol charm and timing from years gone by, something that he did not bring to Suicide Squad.


Here is where you come in, name some others. Also, exactly what made the author of the article consider that performance by Redmayne great?
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