Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Have Split Up + Other Bachelor News

kaitlyn shawn.png

-Reality TV love is dead: Kaitlyn Bristowe and Sean have split up.

-Chris Harrison says that Colton is still a virgin. Also, Colton doesn’t wear underwear.

-If you want spoilers, here are Colton’s final three women.

-BN couples that are still together. Spoiler: It’s not very many.

-Sean Lowe’s baby was in the ICU with bronchitis, but is now back home, healthy.

-Someone tried out for The Bachelor THREE TIMES and got rejected every time. Yikes.

-Peter eats 12 eggs a day. “His farts must be toxic.” --A very wise commenter at the source

-Rachel and Bryan have been engaged for a year and a half and still haven’t planned their wedding. Think it will go through with it?

-Finally, Grocery Joe is one of the worst dancers on Dancing With The Stars, but Bachelorette fans keep voting for him, so he’s still in.

Could you fall in love on TV?

I don't know