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Suddenly the Koons is plagiarism: Jeff Koons found guilty of ripping off someone else's work

  • Artist Jeff Koons best known to ONTD due to the lyrics in Lady Gaga's Applause has been found guilty of plagiarism by a French court

  • Franck Davidovici created the ad campaign for clothing brand Naf Naf in 1985 that featured a model lying in the frozen snow watched over by a pig wearing a tiny cask around its neck

  • Koons created a similar sculpture of a woman lying in the snow watched over by a pig with a cask only he added a garland to his pig's neck and an emperor penguin watching over the whole scene

  • Davidovici was suing for € 300, 000 and he wanted the offending sculpture to be seized by the state

  • Instead he will be awarded €135,000 from Koons with Koons's company also having to shell out a nominal sum for selling reproduction pigs and a publishing company also having to pay a fine for featuring photographs of the offending art work

  • It doesn't look like the sculpture will be seized either. It is the current property of the Prada Foundation who bought in 2007 for $3.7 million USD


ONTD is your work derivative?
Tags: art / artist, legal / lawsuit
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