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Victoria's Secret Won't Cast Trans/Plus Sized Models & are PRESSED over Rihanna's Lingerie Line

A couple of weeks ago, Rihanna held her very first SavagexFenty fashion show. The show featured models of different sizes, races, etc. The show obviously drew comparisons to Victoria's Secret, most noting the lack of diversity on VS' runways. Edward Razek, a senior creative at Victoria's Secret, spoke with Vogue expressing his thoughts about a more diverse runway.

He says that Victoria's Secret is a brand with a SPECIFIC IMAGE and point of view. Oh, and he notes that they had a pregnant model on the runway FIRST but they don't "milk it".

He continues to come for Riri's line saying that they are doing a lot better business wise. They sell a lot more especially in comparison to another "small brand" that is trying to make "a lot of noise".

The interviewer brings up how the younger generation is receptive to diversity (including the inclusion of more trans and/or plus sized models). So how does VS respond to a shifting market? Razek responds by saying that they have CONSIDERED including a trans mode or plus sized models in in their show but ultimatelly, they will not cast them.

Pretty much, if you're looking for representation in the VS line, look somewhere else cause you will not get it here. Razek says he will not cast trans models because the  show is a "fantasy".

Tags: fashion, models, rihanna

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