The View at odds over Jim Acosta's showdown at the whitehouse

-Today on The View, they discussed Jim Acosta vs. Trump at the recent press conference at the white house. The Whitehouse stated that Acosta had his credentials removed due to being physical with a White House aide.

-When Whoopi questions the panel "Is it inapporiate touching" about Acosta keeping his microphone from the Whitehouse aid, Abby focuses on Acosta constantly trying to be the story. She is see's it from both sides though she finally stated that she did not see it as assault. Sunny/Joy were of course on Acosta side while Meghan said that it was inappropriate of how Acosta acted with the aide and of course goes on the whole "if this were Obama, this would be viewed differently".

-Sunny states that this could be viewed as battery by the Aide by attempting to take the microphone away which leads to Abby asking Sunny if she is blaming the woman for this and Meghan sarcastically ranting "you better arrest her for battery"

-Sarah Sanders tweeted out a doctored video of the incident where they speed it up to make it look more aggressive then it was.

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Do you think that Acosta got physical with the whitehouse aid?